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22 Apr Inter-Root Lesions in Periodontics
Habrah Anass 0 99
Inter-root lesions (IRLs) involve the furcation area of multi-rooted teeth and pose a therapeutic challenge due to bacterial reservoirs and complex an..
21 Apr Are Periodontal Diseases Genetic?
Habrah Anass 0 70
Periodontal diseases are often considered to be genetic, microbial, and influenced by individual risk factors. This article explores the scientific ba..
18 Sep A Complete Guide to buying Dental Apex Locator
Habrah Anass 0 121
How do Apex locators work?Apex locators are devices used in endodontics to determine the working length of the root canal to be shaped or obturated. C..
18 Sep A Complete Guide to Dental Composite Fillings
Habrah Anass 0 101
Dentistry composite resins are dental splints made of synthetic resin materials with many particle sizes to use as a restorative material for both pos..
18 Sep The Types of Endomotors
Habrah Anass 0 61
‏Endo motor is a device you use to shape and finish the root canals to obturate them.‏Due to its dynamic moves and strong engine, reduce the time you ..
17 Sep A Complete Guide to Dental Ultrasonic Scalers
Habrah Anass 0 81
The ultrasonic dental devices are utilized in endodontics and periodontics for subgingival and supragingival plaque removal, tartar and surface stain ..
31 Aug A Complete Guide to Dental High Speed Handpieces
Habrah Anass 0 123
The air-driven handpieces basically work by forcing compressed air through the handpiece. It spikes turbines like a fan, which in turn tilts your teet..
02 Aug Endo Rotary Files Generations (Evolution)
Habrah Anass 0 27901
Endodontic treatments have been improving in the latest years as a result of new techniques that appeared in past years. New metals other than SS have..
02 Aug ROTARY VS RECIPROCATION: How do I choose?
Habrah Anass 0 5493
One of the most common questions an endodontist might get asked is “which is better for tooth canal preparation is it rotation or reciprocation? “Firs..
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