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Dental Adjustable Articulators

Adjustable Dental Articulators features:

  • Independent adjustment of each condyle
  • Duplication of trajectory and path of movement
  • Ability to measure the exact axis of rotation using a kinematic locator and intercondylar anatomical distance
  • Measurement of lateral and protrusive movements, condylar inclination, time and extent of movement, and Bennett's angle
  • High learning complexity, best suited for severe and difficult cases of malocclusion
  • Obtains a stable and anatomical interocclusal relationship
  • More expensive and requires more time to transfer patient information correctly
  • Not recommended for simple restorations, semi-adjustable articulators can be used instead.

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Adjustable Articulators from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

Brand: BioArt Model: BIOAAR70914
Welcome to the new era of dentistry, where precision and efficiency unite with the A7 Fix Articulator. Designed with the needs of dental professionals in mind, this remarkable device redefines the standards for dental articulators by integrating fixed measurements that mirror average dental standard..
750.00 SR
Ex Tax:750.00 SR
Brand: BioArt Model: BIOAAR60529
Welcome to the A7 Plus, the semi-adjustable articulator that’s sweeping the nation, gaining recognition and approval from the most distinguished universities. With its perfect balance between academic research and practical application, the A7 Plus stands at the forefront of dental technology...
2,350.00 SR
Ex Tax:2,350.00 SR
Brand: BioArt Model: BIOAPLP0263
The rail mounting plate was designed to allow the removal of the plaster cast through its sliding, thus without the inconvenient necessity to break the plaster. Its retention system consists in fixing the plaster on the inclined walls of the rail design...
450.00 SR
Ex Tax:450.00 SR
Screw Retained Mounting Plate, PK/50 for Stratos 200
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: VL-536406
Screw Retained Mounting Plate, PK/50 for Stratos 200..
1,657.15 SR
Ex Tax:1,441.00 SR
Stratos 200, Standard Semi-Adjustable Articulator
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: VL-536381BN
The Stratos 200 is a biofunctional, semi-adjustable articulator with a variety of adjustment possibilities provided by the exchangeable joint inserts. It has been specifically designed for use in fixed and removable denture prosthetics. The ergonomic incline supports offer users ample space and pr..
7,031.10 SR
Ex Tax:6,114.00 SR
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