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Dental Digital Sensors

Dental X-ray digital sensors are a type of digital radiography technology used in dentistry to capture and store dental x-ray images. They are an alternative to traditional film-based x-ray systems.

A digital sensor is a small, flat electronic device that is placed in the patient's mouth and exposed to x-rays. It captures the x-ray image and converts it into a digital signal, which is then sent to a computer for processing. The resulting digital image can be viewed, stored, and shared electronically, allowing for easier diagnosis and treatment planning.

Digital sensors are considered more efficient and accurate than traditional film-based x-rays, they also have the advantage of lower radiation exposure to the patient, and they are more environmentally friendly as they do not require the use of chemicals to develop the x-ray film.

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Digital Sensors from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

Sopix Sensor Inside Size 1, for Unity
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Acteon Model: SP-S-802-6000
Technology CMOS + scintillator + optic fi bre Pixel size 20μm x 20μm Theoretical resolution 25lp/mm Real resolution >12lp/mm Supplied imaging software Sopro Imaging TWAIN module Yes..
21,114.00 SR
Ex Tax:18,360.00 SR
SOPIX USB X-ray Sensor Size 1
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Acteon Model: SP-S-802-3000
External dimensions 25 x 39mm Active surface area 600mm2 (20 x 30mm) Number of pixels 1.50million Connection USB 2.0 Total cable length 3.70m..
18,415.00 SR
Ex Tax:18,415.00 SR
Brand: Vatech Model: VA-EZSENSOR
The Vatech EzSensor Classic Size 1.5 is a digital intraoral sensor designed for dental radiography. As a product from Vatech, a renowned manufacturer in dental imaging solutions, this sensor is tailored for precision and ease of use in capturing dental X-rays. Here are its key features and specifica..
17,600.00 SR
Ex Tax:17,600.00 SR
Brand: Vatech Model: VA-EZSENSORHD
33.78 LP/MM EXPERIENCE THE HIGH RESOLUTION EzSensor HD especially provides expert images for endodontists and implantologists when you choose the ‘high resolution mode’. There is no image degradation caused by magnification. This greatly benefits you, when you check ROI which requires accurate diagn..
19,800.00 SR
Ex Tax:19,800.00 SR
Vistaray 7 Size 1
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Durr Model: DU-2121-100-70
Vistaray 7 Size 1..
19,712.00 SR
Ex Tax:19,712.00 SR
Vistaray 7 Size 2
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Durr Model: DU-2121-100-71
Vistaray 7 Size 2..
44,352.00 SR
Ex Tax:44,352.00 SR
Xios AE Sensor USB Size 1, 270cm Cable
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: Dentsply Sirona Model: 6724756
Dentsply Sirona‘s new Advanced Exposure technology offers you the extrasecurity you need for your diagnosis. The Xios AE sensor combines the provenresolution of 33 lp/mm* with innovative filtering functions that provide even bettercontrast for indications, such as caries and endodontic cases. Low-no..
22,000.00 SR
Ex Tax:22,000.00 SR
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