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Dental Lab Silicone Products

Dental Lab Silicone, also known as condensation silicone, is a type of silicone that is used in dental laboratory to create dental models impressions, and molds. It is a two-component material that is mixed together before use, and when it is cured, it forms a rubber-like material that is very precise and accurate.

It is used as a medium to make impressions of the teeth and gums, which are then used to make models, dies, and molds for the fabrication of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. It is known for its high accuracy and precision, flexibility, and excellent tear resistance.

C-silicone is used in the traditional method of making dental impressions, as opposed to digital methods which use a 3D scanner to create digital impressions.

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Lab Silicone from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

CastoGel Duplicating Material 6kg
Top Quality
Brand: BEGO Model: BE-52052
• Special duplicating hydrocolloid for sophisticated partial dentures, combination work and the acrylic casting technique • User-friendly thanks to its high level of impression-taking accuracy, even with the finest of details, and tear-resistant due to its outstanding elasticity. This offers you the..
673.90 SR
Ex Tax:586.00 SR
Combi Duplicating Plastic-Flask
Top Quality
Brand: BEGO Model: BE-52090
The low thermal conductivity of the plastic guarantees stressfree cooling of the duplicating material Two wedges integrated in the flask cover prevent rotation and ensure proper placement of the form back in the flask The Combi duplicating flasks are designed for use with our mould rings..
288.65 SR
Ex Tax:251.00 SR
Enersyl Paste Catalyst for Condensation Silicone 60ml
Top Quality
Brand: Lascod Model: ENS060
Universal catalyst for Lascod condensation silicones (Silaxil, Ergasil). For use with Silaxil body silicone we recommend the use of Lascod mixing guide sheets...
33.60 SR
Ex Tax:33.60 SR
Brand: Major Model: FD-MJ003
Activator Gel is a specialized catalyst gel designed to facilitate the condensation curing process of silicones, particularly in dental applications. It is specifically formulated for use with Ormadent Putty and Ormamax Light or Regular silicones. This gel plays a crucial role in the curing process,..
68.00 SR
Ex Tax:68.00 SR
Brand: Major Model: FD-MJ005
ORMAMAX LIGHT is a dental impression material designed for capturing detailed and precise impressions. It is a polysiloxane-based, condensation-curing material, characterized by its light consistency (light-bodied). This product is tailored for use in situations requiring meticulous detail reproduct..
78.00 SR
Ex Tax:78.00 SR
Silaxil C-Silicone Kit (Putty 900ml + Light body 140ml + Catalyst 60ml)
Top Quality
Brand: Lascod Model: SLP301
The Silaxil C-Silicone Kit is a high-quality dental impression material that consists of Silaxil Putty, a type C first-gauge silicone with mint flavor, and Silaxil Body (Light and Regular), which have a refreshing orange flavor. Together, they provide an ideal combination of accuracy, consistency, a..
190.00 SR
Ex Tax:190.00 SR
Silaxil C-Silicone, Light Body, 140ml
Top Quality
Brand: Lascod Model: SLP050
Condensation silicone (type C) for the second impression, orange flavour...
46.20 SR
Ex Tax:46.20 SR
Wirosil Duplicating Flask Small
Top Quality
Brand: BEGO Model: BE-52072
Precise reproduction, saving of material, dimensional stability and easy handling characterise the Wirosil® duplicating flask system.It consists of: the base that holds the model the sleeve with the optimal shape for upper and lower jaw models the stabilisation insert of crucial importance for pre..
204.70 SR
Ex Tax:178.00 SR
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