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Vatech Dental Products in Saudi Arabia Vatech Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: Vatech Model: VA-EZSENSOR
The Vatech EzSensor Classic Size 1.5 is a digital intraoral sensor designed for dental radiography. As a product from Vatech, a renowned manufacturer in dental imaging solutions, this sensor is tailored for precision and ease of use in capturing dental X-rays. Here are its key features and specifica..
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Brand: Vatech Model: VA-EZSENSORHD
33.78 LP/MM EXPERIENCE THE HIGH RESOLUTION EzSensor HD especially provides expert images for endodontists and implantologists when you choose the ‘high resolution mode’. There is no image degradation caused by magnification. This greatly benefits you, when you check ROI which requires accurate diagn..
19,800.00 SR
Ex Tax:19,800.00 SR
Brand: Vatech Model: VA-ANYARY
pecifications [EzRay Air : VEX-P300] Focal Spot: 0.4 mm (IEC 60336) Tube Voltage (kV): 65 kV Tube Current (mA): 2.5 mA Exposure Time Range: 0.05 ~ 0.5 sec Total Filtration: Min. 1.5 mm Al Source to Skin Distance: 200 mm X-ray Field: Default: 60 mm Round, 30 x 40 mm Rectangular / Optional: 20 x 30 mm..
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