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Acteon Dental Products in Saudi Arabia Acteon Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Ultrasonic Scaler NEWTRON Handpiece Autoclavable Without LED
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F12281
  • Type: Scaler Handpiece
Without LED, autoclavable, light grey/dark grey. For NEWTRON BOOSTER..
1,938.00 SR
Ex Tax:1,938.00 SR
Crown Extension Kit, 4 Tips
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F87354
  • Type: Scaler Tips
5,691.35 SR
Ex Tax:4,949.00 SR
XGENUS X-Ray Unit - Mobile
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: DG-5.90.22033
properly protected against radiation leakage (according to IEC standard: less than 0,25 mGy/h at 1m, the real value is less than 0,1 mGy/h at 1 m) the high kV (70kV) and the accurate mA, produce an electron beam focused into a small focal spot (0,7mm): this provides a gray scale suitable to improve ..
14,802.00 SR
Ex Tax:14,802.00 SR
Acteon AIR-N-GO CLASSIC Powder Lemon 250g PK/4
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F10251
Designed to provide gentle care and effective prophylaxis and / or subgingival treatments. The grain structure of each type of powder specifically chosen to give an efficient and painless polishing and cleaning, which causes no damage to the tooth or implant.The AIR-N-GO® “CLASSIC”, active and sod..
573.85 SR
Ex Tax:499.00 SR
Endo Success Canal Access Prep Kit, 3 Tips
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F88180
  • Type: Scaler Tips
Delivered with CAP1, CAP2, CAP3 tips, an autoclavable metal support and an autoclavable universal wrench...
2,004.00 SR
Ex Tax:2,004.00 SR
Satelec Scaling #10P Shallow Pockets Tip
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F00253
  • Type: Scaler Tips
Shallow pockets Fine round instrument suitable for scaling pockets less than 2-3mm deep...
237.00 SR
Ex Tax:237.00 SR
Crest Splitting Kit II, 5 Tips
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F87567
  • Type: Scaler Tips
CS1 II, CS2 II, CS3 II, CS4 II, CS5 II, CS6 II tips, an autoclavable metal support, an autoclavable universal wrench...
4,250.00 SR
Ex Tax:4,250.00 SR
Satelec Post Removal Tip #5
Top Quality
Acteon SERVOTOME Electrosurgery Unit
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F57240
  • Type: Complete Unit
Specification:Dimensions : 250Wx110Hx240D mm Weight : 1200g Power supply : 115 VAC – 230 VAC - 50Hz / 60HzElectric classification : Class I, BF type Output power : 30 W / 600 Ω Incision and coagulation settings : 1 to 10..
10,850.00 SR
Ex Tax:10,850.00 SR
Acteon Surgery Electrodes FC25B
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F10428
  • Type: Tip
Controlled power for all electrosurgical applications ■ Incisions/Excisions ■ Frenectomy ■ Gingivoplasty ■ Coagulation ■ Abscess incision ■ Exposure of impacted/ retained teeth ■ Gingivectomy ■ Etc...
297.85 SR
Ex Tax:259.00 SR
Acteon Mini LED Standard
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F02507
  • Type: Cordless LED
  • Light Tester: Yes
  • Wavelength: 420-480 nm
  • Light Intensity: 1250 mW/cm2
Delivered with a Mini LED handpiece, a battery, a battery charger, a power supply cord with european plug, a Ø7.5mm opalescent guide and an oval light shield. Wavelength: 420 - 480 nm Li-Ion battery Handpiece : anodized aluminium..
4,347.00 SR
Ex Tax:4,347.00 SR
Endo Retreatment Loosening Tip ETPR
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SA-F88019
  • Type: Scaler Tips
Tip for loosening of posts and crowns. Profiled for excellent ultrasonic efficiency, it makes even the most difficult extractions simple...
377.00 SR
Ex Tax:377.00 SR
Satelec Perio Tip TK1-1L BDR
Top Quality
Acteon PSPIX Standard Imaging Plate, Size 0
Top Quality
Brand: Acteon Model: SP-990215
  • Type: Phosphor Plates
  • Packing: 2x Pieces
664.70 SR
Ex Tax:578.00 SR
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