How do Apex locators work?

Apex locators are devices used in endodontics to determine the working length of the root canal to be shaped or obturated. Correct determination of tooth length is an essential factor for the success of the endodontic procedure.

Using these instruments to check the working length is much better and more accurate than any other method like x-rays and the consistent drying point during canal preparation.

It is essential to measure the length from a coronal point taken as a reference to another one located at the apex of the tooth root.

What might happen if we had a wrong working length?

To answer that question,  first, we must know why we search for the working length.

It's a basic rule in endodontics to measure the working length to:

Determine the length to use files and reamers into the root canal and remove waste and unneeded tissues.

If the reamers did their job in shaping and finishing, it's the perfect time to start obturation, depending strictly on the working length. 

Correct determination of tooth length is an important factor for the success of endodontic treatment.

Reduce post-treatment patient pain.

Choosing the best Apex Locator Set:

Choosing the perfect apex locator for your clinic might be confusing a little bit, so here are some of the best Apex locators you would have:

Morita's Dentaport ZX Apex Locator (The Wisdom):

It comes with a monitor showing the process of apex locating with rates of accuracy that are the highest among all apex locators.

Also, it doesn't affect the process if there were blood or electrolytes around.

Moreover,  the monitor helps the dentist to imagine the movement of the file inside the canal.

iPex II Dry & Wet Complete Apex Locator (Saving Time):

This apex locator comes in a lightweight and modern style with a diameter of only 6 cm.

The unique thing about this locator is the quick setup that could be used almost in every environment.

The LCD control panel has to sit be in a perfect angle to make no distraction for the clinical when using the device. 

Tri Auto ZX II Cordless Endomotor with Apex Locator (Comprehension Luxury)

Tri Auto ZX ll is a rotary and apex locator in one device. So, instead of getting lost between two instruments! You will have the luxury of both of them in one device.

This instrument uses a new technology OGP; to have apical patency along with a glide path all over the root canal.

What's impressive about this technique is that it's quickly responding to any sudden factor that might happen while shaping the canal, such as ledges or broken files, by alternating between forward and reverse rotation, which reduces these problems. 

This technique works by allowing an accurate and sensitive manipulation of the file, which represents a faster and safer treatment even for curved and narrow canals.

Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I+ (Less Price)

If you're looking for an economical option,  this device is the best you can get, the balance between value and quality.

It comes with a touch screen and adjustable monitor angle.

Also, you can select where the device is going to beep (apex before or after)

All in all, it's an easy-use device.

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