The air-driven handpieces basically work by forcing compressed air through the handpiece. It spikes turbines like a fan, which in turn tilts your teeth. It is called a turbine handpiece also.

What Kinds Of Highspeed Handpieces Are Available?

You should make sure the connection type is fitting your dental chair. Mainly the connection type M4 (Midwest), which means there are 4-holes (2 small water holes and 2 large air holes), is the most common. In some cases, the handpiece needs a coupling, which is manufactured by the same handpiece manufacturer. These couplers provide a better practice experience like easy connect/disconnect the handpiece to the hose and the freedom to swive the handpiece while the dentist works in the patient's mouth. Except for the connection type, there are no other differences, the highspeed handpiece itself is one kind, but they differ in specifications, as mentioned below

High Speed Handpiece Features To Be Aware Of

Head Size. It is important to consider the height and diameter of the head of the handpiece. The consensus is that the smaller the head, the greater the visibility combined with an increase in ease of access, making it a good choice for children's procedures. Compromise with a smaller head is a reduced torque of the handpiece and the time of gear preparation increases. Therefore, the big head means more power and better torque.

Speed & Torque. Torque and speed are constant friends. The torque is the ideal force you want to be consistent to keep the speed of bur when you cut the enamel tooth and hard dental material. The torque delivered by the handpiece can dramatically reduce treatment time and increase the comfort of treatment for doctors and patients. On average, the speed is between 150,000 - 450,000 rpm.

Noise Level. Choosing the handpiece operating at the lowest decibel level has two important benefits: minimizing patient fears and anxiety during any procedure while also protecting and preserving the hearing of clinical. A typical high-speed handpiece with air turbines has noise output between 70 and 80 decibels. Try to buy the lowest noise.

Weight. When considering the handpiece weight, it is important to consider the handpiece's weight plus clutch or motor and tubing and heavy balance in hand. The weight and balance of handpieces in hand significantly impact minimizing repetitive voltage injuries in the muscles and nerves, by hand and arms are very vulnerable.

Irrigation. Ensure that the handpiece you consider has a satisfactory number of air and water spray ports to provide fast cooling and even the operative field's cooling, remove debris, and ensure clean and hygienic care areas.

Lighting. Many gear handpieces are currently available with excellent LED optics that directly provide quality lights to the maintenance site, allowing more appropriate prosthetic restoration and procedures to work. Look for a light source that is easily turned on and turned off.

Bearing Quality. It is important to know the type of handpiece bearings in the turbine because ceramic bearings are more resistant to wearing than rust-resistant steel bearings. The bearings are worn or damaged or 'shaky' due to busted not cutting contently; Caused by worn bearings, it is not convenient for patients and doctors. Increasing cutting bur results is more correct, more definite cutting instruments, which allow you to routinely produce more appropriate margins, faster and with far less effort. Besides, Burs come into contact with teeth for a shorter time, which means that heat is less produced, which leads to less sensitivity and increases age. The result is tooth preparation with more smooth walls and more precise margins in less time and with little stress for dentists and patients.

Suitability. When considering the handpiece driven by air, it is important to know whether it is compatible with the clutch or the existing hose system. The benefits of fast termination save the chairman valuable time assistant by allowing efficient replacement between patients. This will make your chair time more efficient. Chances are, the current handpiece you use has a feature similar to what you are looking for in your next purchase.

Maintenance. Effective regular lubrication significantly increases your service life. The handpiece cycle is average through sterilization of 1,000 times per year. Never exceed the maximum autoclave temperature recommended that the handpiece component is designed to tolerate.

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