‏Endo motor is a device you use to shape and finish the root canals to obturate them.

‏Due to its dynamic moves and strong engine, reduce the time you spend to do a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT to more than 80% when you do it using the traditional way.

‏Each device is set to be customized by the clinical either to the rotary mode or reciprocal mode. ‏Moreover, all endo motors provide more than just two operation modes; each mode has its settings.

‏Down below are the best endo motors any clinical might want to have:

‏1. X-Smart IQ Basic Starter Kit

‏This is one of the most modern end motors you could ever have. First of all, it provides both continuous and reciprocating modes. It's also controlled by an apple ios application, which helps the clinical pre-treatment by answering the patient with any questions.

‏And during the treatment by customizing your file settings from the app. After the treatment, it also helps the clinical by noting everything about the teeth you're working on, such as tooth number, working length, last file used, obturation, and notes for a specific patient.

‏The wireless handpiece allows freedom of movement in the operatory, which means no more wire problems. 

‏2. X-Smart Plus Endomotor with Contra Angle 6:1 Head

‏What makes this head unique is its tiny size, which makes excellent visibility with 6 elementary positions to use.

‏It's comfortable to work in either the incisors or molars area smoothly.

‏3. X-Smart Endo Motor with Contra Angle 16:1 Head

‏It's similar to the previous one but smaller, making it better for the posterior area of the jaw.

‏Visibility with this endo motor is very high due to the removable led light that got attached to the handpiece. It has a big colored LCD screen that gives you what you want to know. It comes with a built-in system that has 7 memory program settings.

‏4. M4 Safety Low-Speed Endo Contra Angle Handpiece

‏M4 handpiece is a low-speed handpiece. It uses hand files and managed to guide them into canals quickly, efficiently, and effectively, particularly in calcified canals.

‏It applies only a few pressures on the files to glide smoothly and effectively.

‏It's very important for any clinic due to its comfortable access, ease of operation, reduced fatigue, and efficiency of root canal preparation.