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BioMTA Dental Products in Saudi Arabia BioMTA Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: BioMTA Model: FD-MTA003
  • Type: MTA
  • Packing: 5x Vials 0.2g
OrthoMTA is a bioceramic material specifically designed for root canal total filling. Its composition and properties make it a superior choice for endodontic treatments. The material is characterized by a fine granularity, with particle sizes as small as 2 microns. This allows it to penetrate effect..
260.00 SR
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Brand: BioMTA Model: FD-MTA002
  • Type: MTA
  • Packing: 8x Caps 0.3g
RetroMTA is a hydraulic bioceramic material primarily used in vital pulp therapy and root repair. It distinguishes itself from traditional materials by not using Portland cement as a raw material. Instead, RetroMTA is a fine, hydrophilic powder that sets in the presence of water, forming a strong, i..
560.00 SR
Ex Tax:560.00 SR
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