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Wax Wire Roll (3.0mm) 250g for Sprues

Wax Wire Roll (3.0mm) 250g for Sprues - BEGO - 40086
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Wax Wire Roll (3.0mm) 250g for Sprues
101.20 SR
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  • Hardness: Medium-Hard
  • Thickness: 3.0 mm (0.120 inch)

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BEGO wax wires are very easy to shape, do not bend up, and burn out leaving no residue. This allows casting of stress-free constructions and even pressable ceramics The wax formula is designed to provide high internal stability and offers remarkable protection against inadvertent deformation and constriction during bending The wax wire enables economizing due to only cutting off the required length An opening on the side of the outer packaging allows the wax wire to be fed directly from the pack, thus offering optimal protection against undesirable impurities and deformations

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