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Dental Diagnostic Kits

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Diagnostic Kits from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.
Brand: Medesy Model: FD-MS2197
Practical kit consisting of a GAMMAFIX sterilizing cassette and combining different instruments conceived for a specific diagnostic treatment., CONTENT: 1024 TWEEZER MERIAM mm160, 4905/8 MIRROR HANDLE MOD. #2 ø¸ 8mm, 548/4 PROBE CP15 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, 560/2 EXPLORER DOUBLE N.23/17A, 978 ..
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Brand: Medesy Model: FD-MS2265
EXPLORER ANATOMIC N.23, EXPLORER DOUBLE N.23-17A, PROBE CP12, PROBE WILLIAMS, PROBE DOUBLE CP11/23, TRAY GAMMAFIX UNInstrument name: Art: 555/23, 560/2, 548/3, 546/1, 570/1, 978..
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