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Geared Angle Handpiece (20:1 No Fiber Optic) for Implantology

Geared Angle Handpiece (20:1 No Fiber Optic) for Implantology - COXO - C6-23
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Geared Angle Handpiece (20:1 No Fiber Optic) for Implantology
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The CX235C6-23 is a dental surgical handpiece, similar in design to the NSK surgical handpiece X-DSG20. Manufactured by COXO and featuring their new logo "YUSENDENT," this handpiece is designed for a range of dental surgical procedures. It offers advanced features for efficient operation and maintenance, ensuring reliability and durability in a clinical setting.

Key Features

1. Advanced Reduction Ratio

  • Reduction: 20:1, providing the necessary torque for surgical procedures.

2. Innovative Contra Angle Design

  • Inner and External Channels: Facilitate efficient spray for cooling and cleaning.
  • Disassembling Mechanism: The contra-angle can be easily disassembled for thorough internal cleaning, reducing the risk of cross-infection. A unique locking mechanism ensures it remains securely attached during operation.

3. Double Sealing System

  • This system effectively prevents blood and bodily fluids from entering the instrument head, significantly enhancing the longevity and reliability of the handpiece.

4. Push Button Chuck

  • The push button auto-chuck mechanism simplifies bur insertion and removal, allowing for one-touch operation without tools. It also increases bur retention strength under high loads, enhancing safety and efficiency.

5. Enhanced Maintenance Features

  • Direct oil injection reaches gears and bearings, promoting good maintenance and extending the gear life.
  • The handpiece features a new gear system design with a high-tech, wear-resistant coating.

6. Compatibility and Standards

  • ISO E Type: Conforms to ISO E type standards for compatibility with various motors.
  • Bur Size: Applicable for 2.35mm bur (ISO1797-1).

7. Performance Specifications

  • Speed: Operates at a low speed with a 20:1 reduction ratio.
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 2,000 RPM.
  • Internal Cooling System: Equipped with the Kirschner/Meyer internal cooling system for effective heat management during operations.


The CX235C6-23 dental surgical handpiece is a high-quality instrument designed for precision and durability in dental surgery. Its advanced features like the 20:1 reduction ratio, double sealing system, and push button chuck make it an ideal choice for dental professionals seeking a reliable, easy-to-maintain surgical handpiece. The ability to disassemble the contra-angle for cleaning enhances its hygienic operation, making it a valuable tool in ensuring patient safety and instrument longevity.

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