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C-BRIGHT Teeth Whitening Accelerators Unit

C-BRIGHT Teeth Whitening Accelerators Unit - COXO - C-BRIGHT
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C-BRIGHT Teeth Whitening Accelerators Unit
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1-new-style structure and unique form, compact and elegance
2-Double handles. drug type arm,multi-angle adjustment to make the operate more flexibly
3-Unique semi-circular head design, both arches whitened at the same time.
4-6pcs high power LED, fan-cooled
5-10s and 3Os as a curing light,1-3Ominutes as a whitening accelerator
6-6 light intensities, suitable for more brands tooth whitening gel
7-LCD module screen shows all the information, all the operation is so easy

Input power: AC1OO-24OV,5O/60Hz
Light resource: 6pcs high power LED
Wavelength: 420nm-49Onm
Light intensity: 6 intensities,maximm>60OOmWcm2
Adjustable timer: 1Os,30s,1m,2m,5m,8m, 1Om,15m,20m,30m
base: 63x63x23 cm
arm: 10Ox26x27 cm

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