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Bond Plus SE, Single-Component, Self-Etch Wet Adhesive

Bond Plus SE, Single-Component, Self-Etch Wet Adhesive - Medicept - 4003
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Bond Plus SE, Single-Component, Self-Etch Wet Adhesive
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  • Type: Self-Etch - One-Step (7th Gen)
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Packing: Bottle 5ml

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SoloEtch is a single-component, self-etch dental adhesive designed for the modern dental professional seeking an ultra-efficient bonding system. Based on the proven ethanol/water solvent technology, SoloEtch provides a simplified approach to total etch applications. This product excels in both wet and dry bonding environments, and is ideal for reducing post-operative sensitivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

Ultra-Efficient Bonding System

SoloEtch is less technique sensitive, making it a preferred choice for quick and efficient bonding procedures.

Filler Loaded

SoloEtch is filler-loaded, providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced micro-leakage
  • Reduced film thickness
  • Increased bond strength

These features contribute to a stronger and more reliable bond.

One-Bottle System for Ultimate Simplicity

The one-bottle system of SoloEtch not only simplifies usage but also saves time. This adhesive is suitable for both direct and indirect applications and its performance is clinically proven, assuring its reliability.

Reduced Post-Operative Sensitivity

SoloEtch is designed to minimize post-operative sensitivity, enhancing patient comfort after dental procedures.

Core Technologies

SoloEtch incorporates the following core technologies:

  • Optimal filler load (15%)
  • Soloetch
  • Ethanol/water solvent system

These technologies work together to provide an adhesive with superior bonding efficiency.

Available Package

Reference: 4003 Contents:

  • 5ml Liquid

Trust SoloEtch for your bonding needs. Its unique features and innovative technology make it a reliable choice for both direct and indirect applications. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of SoloEtch in your dental practice.

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