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Biofill Root Canal Filling & Sealing Material, Silver Free

Biofill Root Canal Filling & Sealing Material, Silver Free - Medicept - 4004
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Biofill Root Canal Filling & Sealing Material, Silver Free
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  • Type: Resin
  • Packing: 8g Powder + 10g Resin + Tips

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Biofill, a silver-free root canal sealing and filling material, provides excellent sealing capacity, ensuring the integrity of your endodontic work. The combination of Biofill powder and resin creates a filling material that closely adapts to root canal walls and exhibits minimal contraction during setting, resulting in a tightly sealed root canal obturation with excellent tissue compatibility. Biofill complies with the requirements of ISO 6876: 1986 (E) for dental root canal filling materials.


Biofill Silver-Free, Powder: Bismuth Oxide, Methenamine Biofill Resin: Epoxy Resin


Biofill is indicated for permanent obturation of root canals of teeth of the secondary dentition, with or without the aid of obturation points.

Key Features and Benefits

Resin-Based, Non-Acrylic, Eugenol-Free Sealer

Biofill's unique resin-based, non-acrylic, eugenol-free formulation ensures excellent biocompatibility and superior performance.

Excellent Radiopacity

Biofill's excellent radiopacity facilitates easy visualization under X-ray, enhancing the precision of your endodontic procedures.

Extended Working Time

Biofill offers an extended working time of 4-6 hours, providing ample time for meticulous root canal filling.

Appropriate Setting Time

With a setting time of 9-15 hours, Biofill ensures a solid, well-sealed restoration.


Biofill is suitable for all obturation techniques, offering flexibility in accommodating your preferred method.

Available Package

Reference: 4004 Contents:

  • 8g Powder
  • 10g Resin

Biofill Silver-Free Root Canal Sealing and Filling Material delivers excellent sealing capacity and tissue compatibility, ensuring the long-term success of your root canal treatments. Trust Biofill for your endodontic needs and experience the difference in quality and reliability.

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