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Zical, Anti-Bacterial Root Canal Sealer

Zical, Anti-Bacterial Root Canal Sealer - Prevest DenPro - 40010
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Zical, Anti-Bacterial Root Canal Sealer
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Zical is a ZOE based sealer for permanent filling of dental root canals. Can tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal and can be easily removed with Gutta Percha point when refilling is necessary. Composition based on Grossman Formula is radiopaque, non staining non irritating with excellent thermal insulation. Very long working time and excellent lubricating qualities. Low Zinc oxide contents of the composition alleviate some of the cytotoxic and inflammatory effects of the tissues and addition of Iodoform acts as an anti microbial agent.Indications:
Root canal sealing using gutta purcha points
Root canal sealing without using gutta purcha points
Root canal filling for infected root canal treatments
Product Benefits:
Antibacterial and non inflammatory
Based on Grossman Formula
Radiopaque and non staining
Excellent thermal insulation
Very long working time
Excellent lubricating qualities
Low zinc alleviate cytotoxic and inflammatory affects of the tissues

Powder contains: Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Sub-carbonate, Barium Sulphate, Sodium Borate, Iodoform, Hydrogenated Resin
Liquid contains: Eugenol

Method of Use:
The root canal should be thoroughly dry before filling, over filling root canals should be avoided. Both glass slabs and spatula should be sterilized and thoroughly dry prior to use for mixing cement. Place 1 scoop of powder and 4-5 drops of liquid ( P:L-1:2) on the glass slab. Spatulate small portions of the powder into liquid until all particles of powder are dissolved. Gradually add more portions of powder to the mix spatulating thoroughly for 2:00-2:30 (min :sec) until a very smooth creamy paste is obtained. Working time is 30 minutes. Introduce the paste into the prepared root canal with a root explorer. Insert the Gutta Percha and seal the coronal end with base sealer. Net setting time is 45-60 minutes from start of the mix.

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