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Wireless Endo Motor Motopex Brushless

Woodpecker - 16.08.171
Wireless Endo Motor Motopex Brushless
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  • Type: Integrated Apex Locator

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Used for biomechanical tooth preparation of root canals with an in-built apex locator used for measurement of precise working length.
The doctor with a pacemaker is disabled.
Patients with cardiac pacemakers (or other electrical equipment)
are warned not to use small appliances (such as electric razors, hairdryers, etc.) patients are disabled.
Hemophilia patients are banned.
Use with caution in patients with heart disease, pregnant women and young children.
Slim Neck.
More Powerful.
Precise Rotation.
Lower Noise.
Balance Weight.
Built-in Apex Locator.
Integrated Length Determination makes Endodontic treatment safer and more efficient.
Real-Time Display of file Location in the Canal.
340 Degree Rotatable Contra Angle.
Front Centre of Gravity.
The device has an adjustable reciprocal angle (reciprocating) – intervals of 10 °, adjustment range from 20 ° to 340 °.
This option gives the possibility of an exact angle of rotation, which subsequently reduces the risk of breaking the instrument and allows higher productivity.
Smooth rotation and lower noise make treatment more comfortable for patients.
Strong power combined with accurate and stable torque help in the effective development of the root canal.
The 8 mm diameter and 9.7 mm high head ensure a clear field of view during operation. 360 degrees adjustable contra-angle.
1st Brushless Endomotor by DTE / Woodpecker. 6:1 Contra-Angle.
Built-in Programmed Memory of 30 Mainstream File Systems.
2000 mAh Lithium Battery.
The center of gravity transferred to the front of the device, which gives even better comfort and works efficiently. BUILT-IN ENDO MOTOR :
We now have a 2in1 device. We can both measure the vertex and develop the channel. Integrated distance measurement makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient. Motopex displays the tool location in the channel in real-time.
It automatically stops or rotates backward as soon as the tool reaches the tip stop to prevent perforation.
The Auto Start and Auto Stop functions respectively allow the engine to start automatically when the tool enters the channel and stops it outside.

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