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Trulock LC Band Adhesive 5g Syringe, PK/4

Trulock LC Band Adhesive 5g Syringe, PK/4 - Rocky Mountain Orthodontics - J04005
Trulock LC Band Adhesive 5g Syringe, PK/4
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TruLock® Light Cure Band Adhesive is a unique dental product designed for the effective cementation of orthodontic appliances to teeth. This single-paste, resin-based adhesive is imbued with fluoride, enhancing its protective qualities. Its formulation eliminates the need for mixing, thereby minimizing adhesive waste and ensuring consistent performance without time constraints during application. The adhesive's distinctive blue color significantly aids in visual detection during banding, streamlining the cleanup process by easily highlighting excess adhesive.

Key Features

  1. Application: Specifically tailored for orthodontic use, TruLock® LC Band Adhesive serves as a single-paste, light-cured, fluoride-releasing medium for securing orthodontic appliances.

  2. Appearance: It presents as a blue, opaque paste with medium viscosity, making it easily distinguishable and manageable during application.

  3. Shelf Life: Demonstrating a substantial shelf life, it remains viable for 30 months under optimal conditions of 25° C temperature and 60% humidity, ensuring longevity and reliability for dental practices.

  4. Curing Process: The curing process is efficient, requiring a standard curing light with a minimum output of 600 mW/cm2 for a duration of 20 seconds. For an even quicker cure, the FlashMax P4 can achieve desired results in just 1-3 seconds.

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