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OptraDam Plus Assortment

OptraDam Plus Assortment - Ivoclar Vivadent - 627401AN
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OptraDam Plus Assortment
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  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Packing: 50x Pieces

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Due to its anatomical shape and flexible, three-dimensional design, OptraDam is completely different from conventional rubber dams. As the dam is automatically stretched in an oral direction, an automatic hold of the device in the oral cavity is ensured. OptraDam is available in the adult sizes “Regular” and "Small".Broad range of applications: Direct adhesive restoration of teeth Indirect adhesive luting (e.g. of crowns or partial crowns) Endodontic treatment X-rays (without time-consuming removal and re-insertion) Cosmetic and prophylactic treatment procedures: in-office bleaching, fissure sealing, etc.

OptraDam Plus Regular x 25

OptraDam Plus Small x 25

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