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SUG2005-UL-SP, Conduction Anesthesia Model

SUG2005-UL-SP, Conduction Anesthesia Model - Nissin - SUG2005-UL-S
SUG2005-UL-SP, Conduction Anesthesia Model
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11 anesthetic contact sensor points, 7 in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw Battery-powered audio signal and light signal indicates when correct position and angle injection is achieved. Audio signal can be turned off for testing and evaluation purposes. 1m electric cord connecting the model and indicator unit Indicator unit uses 2 AAA-size batteries (batteries not included) Optional clear pink upper and lower gingivas (included) allow view of injection, making it ideal for beginning students Easy attachment to the NISSIM Head allowing a more realistic training experience Comes with 32 removable anatomically shaped teeth

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