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E-CEM DC A3 5ml

E-CEM DC A3 5ml - Bisico - 75340
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E-CEM DC A3 5ml
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  • Category: Cement
  • Brand: Bisico
  • Model: BI-75340
  • Stock: 30 Days Delivery
  • Type: Luting Cement
  • Shade: A3
  • Curing: Self-Cure
E-Cem DC is self-etching, dual-curing cement which can be universally used for permanent cementation of all-ceramic and metal restorations as well as for composite restorations.

E-Cem DC is characterised by an excellent colour stability and a tooth-like fluorescence. When using this material, especially in the field of transparent ceramics, highly esthetic restorations are the result. Due to the translucent colour the marginal seal between tooth and restoration is not visible. There is no risk of discoloration of the cement.
The fast and comfortable application, where no etching, priming and bonding is required, is time-saving and is totally stress-free for the tooth.
Good bond strength values and an optimal setting behavior, characterised by a low degree of shrinkage at the beginning and a subsequent slight expansion, assure permanent restorations without any formation of cracks or capillary gaps.
Due to its gel-like consistency E-Cem DC can be applied in a very thin layer and excess material can be removed easily . Post-operative sensitivities are prevented by the quick neutralization of the pH which predestines E-Cem DC to be ideal self-etching cement.

E-Cem DC is available in the shade “translucent“.

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