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ICM Intra-oral Camera With 17 Monitor

ICM Intra-oral Camera With 17 Monitor - HK ANTAR - ICM
ICM Intra-oral Camera With 17 Monitor
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The ICM-Intraoral Camera is a sophisticated dental imaging device designed to assist dental professionals in capturing detailed intraoral images. This device is equipped with advanced features to ensure high-quality imaging and ease of use in dental examinations and procedures.

Key Features

1. High-Quality Display

  • Screen Size: 17 inches wide.
  • Resolution: 1280x1024, providing sharp and clear images for detailed intraoral examination.

2. Advanced Image Sensor and Lens

  • Image Sensor: COMS 1/4 HD, ensuring high-definition image capture.
  • Lens Pixels: 10MP, offering high-resolution images for accurate diagnosis.

3. User-Friendly Operation

  • Operated Mode: 5 press buttons for intuitive control.
  • Display Options: Can display one picture or four pictures simultaneously.
  • Focus Range: 5mm-50mm, allowing for precise focus adjustments.

4. Enhanced Lighting

  • Fill Light: Equipped with 6 cold light LEDs, providing bright and long-lasting illumination for clear imaging.

5. Versatile Image Handling

  • Picture Format: JPG, a widely compatible format for easy sharing and storage.
  • Storage: Includes an 8G USB Flash Disk for convenient image storage.

6. Adjustable LCD Screen

  • The 17-inch LCD screen offers adjustable contrast, brightness, and color settings, enhancing image clarity and detail.

7. Easy Image Management

  • The front three buttons (freeze, save, previous image & next image, delete) and the reverse side button (freeze and save) allow for efficient image capture and management.

8. Connectivity and Storage

  • USB Storage: Facilitates easy transfer and storage of images.
  • Wireless Features: Includes wireless on-screen display and PC connectivity for seamless integration into dental practice systems.


The ICM-Intraoral Camera is a highly effective tool for dental professionals, combining high-resolution imaging, user-friendly controls, and versatile features. Its advanced sensor, adjustable LCD, and efficient lighting make it ideal for capturing detailed intraoral images. The wireless connectivity and easy storage options further enhance its utility in a modern dental practice, making it an invaluable asset for accurate diagnosis and patient education.

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