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Poly Zinc+, Polycarboxylate Cement

Prevest DenPro - 30012
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Poly Zinc+, Polycarboxylate Cement
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  • Type: Polycarboxylate
  • Shade: Universal
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: 30g Powder + 15mI Liquid

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Poly Zinc+is a zinc polycarboxylate cement that chemically bonds to the tooth structure.
Suitable for cementation of:
Crowns, bridges and orthodontic brackets
Cavity lining under all restoration materials
Temporary fillings and fillings of deciduous teeth
Product Benefits:
Chemically bonds to the tooth structure and metal appliances
Extremely low film thickness
High adhesive strength
Minimal solubility in oral fluids
1 x 30g Powder Jar, 1 x 15ml Liquid Botte, 4 x Spoon, 1 x Mixing Pad

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