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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Fully Adjustable Articulators, you can find here and save money! Browse below.
Artex BN Articulator
SAR 1,605.00
Non-arcon average-value articulator with integrated magnetic model plate system and centric click cl..
Artex CN Carbon Articulator
Non-arcon average-value articulator. With centric click closures. With integrated magnetic model pla..
Artex CPR Carbon Articulator
Semi-adjustable arcon articulator. Centric click closures with mechanically guided semiaxles. Arcon ..
Artex CR Carbon Articulator
Fully adjustable arcon articulator. Suitable for model analysis and the production and correction of..
Artex CT Carbon Articulator
Semi-adjustable non-arcon average-value articulator. With centric click closures and arbitrary pins ..
Artex Facebow
SAR 4,300.00
For the cranial/axial related transfer of the upper model into the articulator. Compatible for all a..
SAR 366.00
To simulate the movement of a patient´s uper and lower jaws and onto which maxillary and mandibular ..