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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Waxing Units, you can find here and save money! Browse below.
Art Waxer
SAR 1,320.00
The BK Art Waxer is used to electrically crave patterns. It features a variety of carving tips [7], ..
Art Waxer Tips Set/7
Tips Set 7 Pcs for Art Waxer BK-Medent Unit..
Noflame Plus Induction Heating Unit
The smart and mobile alternative to a conventional Bunsen burner and the alcohol/gas burner. The hea..
SmartWax Duo Basic Unit + Handpiece (FREE)
Duo-option, i.e. two different handpieces are ready for use at the same time 3 individually programm..
SmartWax Handpiece With Cord
SmartWax Handpiece With Cord..
Uni Waxer
SAR 1,680.00
BK Uni Waxer has 3 kinds of functions in one equipment. Features: - Heats up instantly - It is safe ..
Wax Pot I
SAR 276.00
Features: 3-Well Thermostat Control Wax Pot- Provides variable temperature to allow for different ty..