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301 Assistina Plus Cleaning and Lubricating Unit Include Set
6,726.19 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30125
In Stock
Air consumption: approx. 60 Nl/min. Operating pressure: 4 - 10 bar (controlled via an integrated aut..
AM-25 A RM Air Motor without Light
2,269.44 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30103000
In Stock
internal spray forward / reverse drive speed: up to 25.000 rpm without light, internal spray, standa..
HK-43 LT, Synea VISION, Straight Handpiece, 1:1
2,878.99 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30028000
In Stock
1:1, single spray, twist tension chuck system for handpiece and contra-angle burs Ø 2.35 mm, glass r..
MB-300 Assistina 3x3
19,078.63 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-19923000
In Stock
Validated process in three steps The instrument preparation with Assistina 3x3 is carried out in th..
MB-302 Assistina Twin
12,891.86 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30310000
In Stock
Assistina TWIN MB-302 Supply voltage: 100 – 240 V AC Permitted voltage fluctuation: ±10 % Nominal cu..
PB-200, PYON 2, Piezo Scaler without Light
4,115.35 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30087000
In Stock
Pyon 2, consists of: > Control unit with 1.8 m supply hose and coupling > Handpiece without light, t..
Piezo Scaler PB-3 Analog Set, Built-in, without Light
3,563.57 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-90000149
In Stock
> PC-1.0 piezo controller analogue > Supply hose > PB-3 handpiece > Electrical connection set > Cont..
Pyon 2 Piezo Scaler with Light
5,356.86 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30086000
In Stock
Allows you to work in daylight quality light Reflects the patient’s tooth colour exactly Allows you ..
RQ-14 Roto Quick Coupling without Light
717.31 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-10401400
In Stock
Roto Quick couplings without light spray regulation standard 4-hole connection..
RQ-24 Roto Quick-Coupling with Light
860.13 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-10402400
In Stock
Roto Quick couplings with light 6-hole connection..
RQ-34 Roto-Quick Coupling
986.71 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-10403400
In Stock
Roto Quick couplings with light spray regulation 6-hole connection..
RQ-54 Roto Quick-Coupling with Midwest Connection
744.72 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-10405400
In Stock
Roto Quick coupling with generator and resuction stop with standard 4-hole connection..
S-10 Surgical Handpiece 1:1 Angled Dismantable without light
5,366.68 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30059000
In Stock
Surgical Handpiece with lever chuck Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13940) 1:1, angled, can be disma..
S-11 LG Surgical Handpiece 1:1 Straight Dismantable with mini LED+ and generator
5,545.02 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30057000
In Stock
Surgical Handpiece with lever chuck, mini LED+ and generator Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13940) ..
S-15 Surgical Handpiece 1:1 Angled Dismantable without light
4,226.16 SAR
Brand: W&H
Code: WNH-30060000
In Stock
Surgical Handpiece with lever chuck Coupling system: ISO 3964 (DIN 13940) 1:1, straight, can be dis..
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