Variolink Esthetic LC System Kit
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Variolink Esthetic is a light- and dual-curing luting composite for the esthetic and permanent cementation of ceramic and composite resin restorations. This material represents the next generation of the well-established, esthetic cements Variolink II and Variolink Veneer.

Variolink Esthetic LC
Permanent cementation of glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate glassceramic and composite restorations (inlays, onlays and veneers)
Only for restorations with a low material thickness of <2 mm and sufficient translucency (e.g. IPS e.max HT).

Excellent shade stability thanks to the patented and reactive light initiator Ivocerin which is 100% amine-free
Balanced and straightforward Effect shade system
Lifelike fluorescence
Easy, precise excess removal
Flexible, situational consistency – ideal combination of flowability and stability
Impressive radiodiagnostics

Variolink Esthetic LC Light - 1х2

Variolink Esthetic LC Neutral - 1х2

Variolink Esthetic LC Warm - 1х2

Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Light - 1х1,7

Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Neutral - 1х1,7

Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Warm - 1х1,7

Tetric N-Bond Universal (Pen) - 1х2

Monobond N - 1х5

Liquid Strip - 1х2,5

N-Etch Syringe - 1х2

VivaPen Brush Cannulas 30

Application Tips Variolink 20

Brush Holder 1

Brushes, soft 50

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