Ufi Gel Hard C, Direct Denture Relining Kit
Brand: VOCO
Category: Relining and Tissue Conditioners
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Packing:Cartridge 80g + Adhesive 10ml + Accessories

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Abdulrehman Algosaibi Company

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Ufi Gel hard is the polymethacrylate-based, hardening, coldpolymerising, permanent denture material. Ufi Gel hard is also
available in both cartridges and the hand-mix version.
The Ufi Gel system offers the specific relining solution for
every situation. Ufi Gel hard/C and Ufi Gel SC/P form an ideal
addition in routine prosthetic work. The Ufi Gel system especially facilitates chair-side relining in only one appointment.
After only one visit, the patient leaves the dental surgery with
a perfectly relined denture.

Complete, hard relining chairside, in just one session
Methyl methacrylate-free
Neutral taste and odour
No heat development in the mouth
Good colour stability
As easy as taking an impression
Aesthetic, high patient acceptance and comfort
Smooth surface
New layers can be added at any time

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