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Medesy - 1580
105 SAR
Brand: Medesy
Code:. FD-MS1408
In Stock
Crowns and bridges holding plier, with ring Instrument name: (125 mm) Tip Material: Stainless Ste..
Renfert - 11090300
545.10 SAR
Brand: Renfert
Code:. RE-11090300
In Stock
Replaceable, fine diamond tips. Elliptical shaped tips suitable for small crowns. Finely graduated g..
Medesy - 221
33 SAR
Brand: Medesy
Code:. FD-MS0251
In Stock
Instrument name: (165 mm) Tip Material: Stainless Steel Handle Material: Fiber..
Medesy - 1019
65 SAR
Brand: Medesy
Code:. FD-MS0920
In Stock
Pin holding tweezer, with lock Instrument name: (150 mm) Tip: Plain, Grooved Tip Material: Stain..
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