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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Silicone, you can find here and save money! Browse below.
BISICO EXAKTN2 C Silicon Light 173ml PK/2
Condensation-curing, fine-flowing correction silicone. BISICO Exakt N is a correction silicone with ..
BISICO PLAST C Silicon Putty 952ml
Kneadable condensation-curing preliminary impression material. Thanks to its soft mixing consistency..
Speedex Light, 140ml
Speedex Light, 140ml..
Speedex Putty, 910ml
Speedex Putty, 910ml..
Speedex Universal Activator, 60ml
Speedex Universal Activator, 60ml..
StabiSil Activator, 60ml
C-silicone impression material for better fitting crown & bridgework and prostheses...
StabiSil Putty, 900ml
7-days dimensional stability (more time for one or more models) • Variable setting time (by varying ..