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Twister Mixing Spatula
Twister Mixing Spatula ..
Twister Stand
SAR 1,030.00
Twister Stand ..
Ultra-Fine, Precious Metal Seperating Disc , 22x0,17mm PK/50
Extremely thin and non-flexible. Suitable for the finest separating work. Universal use for all prec..
Universal Acryl Polishing Paste, Beige PK/6
Hard polishing paste for mirror-like surface. Long-lasting. Fine grained consistency...
Vario Basic 220-240V
SAR 8,570.00
Can be upgraded with 1 to 4 microblasting tanks. 50% less abrasive consumption due to intelligent ex..
Vario E, High-Level Wax Technology, 220/240V
Advantages: ƒ 30% saving in time due to the preheating function. ƒ Multi-functionality provided by t..
Vibrating Sphere
SAR 318.00
Vibrating Sphere ..
Vortex Compact 3L, Wet and Dry Extractor, 230-240V
Health protection due to double filter system, optional H/Hepa filter available. 25% increase of the..
Waste Bag PK/5
SAR 221.00
Waste Bag PK/5..
Wax Knife, Big PK/2
SAR 128.00
Waxing Knife, Big PK/2..
Wax Knife, Large, for Waxelectric
Wax Knife, Large ..
Wax Knife, Small PK/2
Waxing Knife, Small PK/2..
Waxlectric II, 100-240V
Advantages: Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes. Direct acc..
Waxlectric light II 100-240V
Advantages: Fast heat-up rate and low heat transfer to the handle thanks to the heating element inte..
Waxprofi, Waxing Up in Prosthetics, 220/240V
Advantages: ƒ 50% time savi:ng due to the preheating function. ƒ Individual setting of the wax consi..