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Renfert Dental Products in Saudi Arabia Renfert Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Picosep Wax Separating Agent, 30ml
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-15520030
Microfilm isolates plaster from wax or high-fusing porcelain. A thin layer is effective for days; no reapplication required. Isolates the plaster, acrylic and metal surfaces to permit wax application...
48.30 SR
Ex Tax:42.00 SR
Lay:art Style Color Brush PK/2
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-17250000
Top quality with natural hair for consistent working comfort at the highest level. 10 sizes with different shape concepts, perfectly coordinated to individual requirements. The Big Brush technique with sizes 8, 6 and 4 increases the moisture reserve and tension..
184.00 SR
Ex Tax:160.00 SR
Die:master Aqua Dilution Thinner 30ml
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-19570550
Die:master Aqua Dilution Thinner 30ml..
59.80 SR
Ex Tax:52.00 SR
Basic Quattro 25-70µ / 70-250µ, 220-240V
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-2958000003
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Advantages: Great cost efficiency through special mixing chamber technology (Venturi-Principle). Easy to clean hand and object with the integrated jet nozzle. Large sandblasting chamber (20 l) allows maximum freedom of movement.Details: Precise sandblasting due to excellent illumination of the bla..
8,557.15 SR
Ex Tax:7,441.00 SR
Pin Step Drill, Medium, Size 2,00 PK/3
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-50100200
The pin step drill is suitable for use with all pins with a pin head Ø of 2 mm, in particular for our Bi/ Bi-V pins...
579.60 SR
Ex Tax:504.00 SR
Geo Wax Wire, Turquoise, Hard, 250g, 2.0mm
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-6762020
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Diameter: 2.0mm
Dimensionally stable patterns. Stress-free working. Easily adaptable...
78.20 SR
Ex Tax:68.00 SR
lay:art Oasis Mixing Tray
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-10455000
High-tech porcelain mixing tray with glazed surface and perforated wells. Automatic capillary moistening for processing and storing of dental ceramic materials. The porcelain remains processable for a long time thanks to the continous moistening by means of a micro-foam moistening pad. Ensures comfo..
474.95 SR
Ex Tax:413.00 SR
Separating Discs for Gold, 22x0.3mm PK/100
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-720000
Universal use for all precious metals. Fine separation work. For grinding the transitions between metal and porcelain...
193.20 SR
Ex Tax:168.00 SR
EASY VIEW 3D Monitor
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-900037808
  • Warranty: 3 Years
9,045.90 SR
Ex Tax:7,866.00 SR
Genius Brushes Set/4
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-17150000
with 4 brush sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 )Advantages: Brush hair has a long service life due to an innovative protective function. Slim tip shape due to the high quality brush hair. Especially economical due to easily replaceable brush tips.Details: The protective function can be easily activated via a sm..
729.10 SR
Ex Tax:634.00 SR
Vibrax Vibrator, 220V
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-18304000
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Advantages: Bubble-free flow behavior using two wave ranges with 4 levels of intensity. Low transfer of the vibrations to the workbench as the housing is oscillation decoupled. Long service life using maintenance-free vibration magnet.Details: Uncomplicated adaptation of the intensity via the larg..
2,893.40 SR
Ex Tax:2,516.00 SR
Silent PowerCAM EC, Extraction Unit for CAM Systems 220-240V
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-2939000003
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Advantages: Bi-directional communication between extraction unit and CAM unit thanks to the PLC interface. Low operating noise of max. 54.3 dB(A). Safe production process through low-maintenance EC motor technology (> 5 000 operating hours).Details: High volume flow of approx. 4.000 l/min. No foll..
11,997.95 SR
Ex Tax:10,433.00 SR
GEO Crowax Modeling Wax, 80g, Green-transparent
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-4750100
Multi-purpose wax, Optimal for Training..
54.05 SR
Ex Tax:47.00 SR
Cleaning Pins 75g
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-65000550
The needles are the key factor The rotating needles heat up the cleaning solution to approx. 45°C (113°F), which accelerates the chemical reaction. The needles are made of an acid-resistant alloy. They are cut precisely at right angles and also designed for maximum efficiency and durability. This ha..
281.75 SR
Ex Tax:245.00 SR
Ceramicus Synthetic Bristle Porcelain Brushes, Size 1/0, PK/2
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-17160110
Porcelain brush made from a special, synthetic microhair structure.Great resilience of the bristles. Very densely packed bristles. No bothersome splaying of the bristles after every porcelain build-up...
85.10 SR
Ex Tax:74.00 SR
Mobiloskop S with Support Arm
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-22000400
  • Warranty: 3 Years
One microscope for up to 4 workplaces! The 360° swivel-mounted support arm allows a single microscope to be utilized from several workplaces for detail control and precision work. 5 and 10 times magnification provides maximum precision. Distortion-free coupled with uniform sharpness in the entire vi..
6,862.05 SR
Ex Tax:5,967.00 SR
STAIN-MIX Mixing Tray, Black Cover
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-10650100
With black lid for light curing stains. 30 small wells with sharp edges for wiping the brush. 1 large well for glaze liquid..
251.85 SR
Ex Tax:219.00 SR
Takanishi Brushes Size 3 PK/2
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-17140003
The brush tip remains stable. Highly flexible brush bristles. Ideal for reducing porcelain...
71.30 SR
Ex Tax:62.00 SR
Cutter Cylindrical Round Head, Cross-Cut, Fine
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-18060003
Cylindrical, Round Head Cutter Cross-Cut..
675.05 SR
Ex Tax:587.00 SR
Waxlectric II, 100-240V
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-2157000003
  • Warranty: 3 Years
Advantages: Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes. Direct access of preferred working temperatures using the programming function. Fast heat-up rate and low heat transfer to the handle thanks to the heating element integrated in the tip.Details: Integrated ho..
1,959.60 SR
Ex Tax:1,704.00 SR
Geo Undercut Wax, 75g, Red-Transparent
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-4891000
Geo Undercut Wax, 75g, Red-Transparent..
65.55 SR
Ex Tax:57.00 SR
Dynex Metal & Cast Separating Discs 0,5 x 40 mm PK/20
Top Quality
Brand: Renfert Model: RE-570540
Advantages: Efficient separation and precise processing. Processing safety due to top separating and cutting performance. Gentle to material due to extremly low thermal impact.Details: Specified selection with separating disc sizes ranging from very thin and material-saving to extremely robust and..
200.10 SR
Ex Tax:174.00 SR
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