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RELINE II Soft Silicone-based Relining, Intro Kit

RELINE II Soft Silicone-based Relining, Intro Kit - GC - 010260
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RELINE II Soft Silicone-based Relining, Intro Kit
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  • Hardness: Soft
  • Shade: Pink
  • Function: Denture Relining
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Cartridge 48ml + Primer + Remover + Accessories

Resilient: acts as a cushion between the denture and the oral tissue to buffer masticatory pressure and solve anatomical problems

Can stay in place for weeks or months

Convenient cartridge delivery

Ideal viscosity, flowing under pressure to adapt to anatomical details

Long-lasting comfort & gentle relief: the material’s surface remains elastic, smooth and clean over time

RELINE II Primer for Resin provides a long-lasting adhesion to the underlying denture

RELINE II Remover for Resin makes it possible to easily remove & replace the relining layer

RELINE II Finishing Material can be used to further seal the margins

GC RELINE II Soft Intro Kit (1x GC RELINE II Soft Cartridge, 1x GC RELINE II Primer for Resin, 1x GC RELINE II Point for Trimming, 1x GC RELINE II Wheel for finishing, 1x GC RELINE II Remover for Resin)

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