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Programat EP 5010 Press Ceramic Furnace

Ivoclar Vivadent - 645991
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Programat EP 5010 Press Ceramic Furnace
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The Programat EP 5010 features an integrated thermal imaging camera. The Programat Infrared Technology measures the exact temperature at the surface of the fired object or the investment ring. This new feature can detect if a ring is not properly heated and warn the user. When the furnace is used in the firing mode, the camera automatically controls the closing and pre-drying process.The new quartz QTK2 heating muffle in combination with the SiC bottom reflector ensures even heat distribution in the firing chamber. As a result, the investment ring is preheated more evenly and reliably.The precision press drive with force sensor ensures optimal control of the press plunger throughout the press cycle. This technology allows the furnace to detect crack propagation and will stop press cycle if a crack is detected.As of software version V4.0, the furnaces are equipped with the FPF function, or Fully automatic Press Function. This means that the operator only has to place the investment ring into the press chamber and press the start key. The unit will take care of the rest fully automatically. The new FPF technology significantly simplifies the proven press process. In addition, it increases the reliability of the system and heightens the efficiency of the laboratory. Excellent press results are achieved in no time at all.Advantages: FPF function: Fully automatic Press Function for optimum press results. AIM (Automatic Infrared Monitoring) - Programat Infrared Technology recognizes the size and controls the temperature of the investment ring and ensures optimum pre-drying processes. QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector for homogeneous heat distribution. Modern operating concept featuring a large 7-inch color touch screen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad for easy and intuitive operation. Optical status and progress display (OSD) informs the user about the current status of the furnace Electronic press drive with force sensor produces high-quality press results. No compressed air connection required. Easy and automatic temperature calibration at two reference points (ATK2). Integrated multimedia functions (photo viewer, video and MP3 player). Programat WLAN Kit Various accessories Warranty / 3 Years Includes1 -Power cord 1 - Vacuum Hose 1 - Vacuum pump 1 - Programat Firing Tray Kit 2 1 - Automatic Temperature Checking Set ATK2 (test set) 1 - USB download cable 1 -Investment ring cooling grid 1 - Programat WLAN kit 1 - Various accessories

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