Programat EP 3010 Press Ceramic Furnace
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent
Category: Porcelain Furnaces and Vacuums
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In comparison to its predecessor model EP 3000, the operation of the Programat EP 3010 has become even simpler due to the new color touch display, the mode...
In comparison to its predecessor model EP 3000, the operation of the Programat EP 3010 has become even simpler due to the new color touch display, the modern icons, the intuitive menu-based navigation and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. The new QTK2 heating muffle in combination with the SiC bottom reflector ensures homogeneous heat distribution in the firing chamber. As a result, the investment ring is preheated more evenly and reliably. Furthermore, these features enable the user to press difficult-to-press objects, e.g. with very thin marginal areas, and to achieve even higher quality results. The electronic press drive with force sensor ensures the precise control of the press plunger in the micrometre range. The integrated Crack Detection System (CDS) immediately interrupts the press process if a crack in the investment ring occurs. Therefore, restorations are optimally protected. As of software version V4.0, the furnaces are equipped with the FPF function, or fully automatica press function. This means that the operator only has to place the investment ring into the press chamber and press the start key. The unit will take care of the res fully automatically. The new FPF technology significantly simplfies the proven process. In addition, it increases the reliability of the system and heightens the efficiency of the laboratory. Excellent press results are achieved in no time at all. Advantages: Programs are optimally coordinated with Ivoclar Vivadent materials FPF Function: Fully automatic press function for optimum press results QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector for homogeneous heat distribution Color touch screen and proven membrane-sealed keypad for easy operation Electronic press drive with force sensor produces high-quality press results. No compressed air connection required Crack Detection System detects cracks in the investment ring Easy and automatic temperature calibration at two reference points (ATK2) Simple software update via USB flash drive Warranty / 2 years Remote diagnosis function via data file for optimum support by a service centre Broad range of programs: 300 individual firing and 20 individual press programs Power Saving Technology for power-saving operation Includes: 1 - Power cord 1 - Vacuum Hose 1 - Vacuum pump 1 - Programat Firing Tray Kit 2 1 - Automatic Temperature Checking Set ATK2 (test set) 1 - Investment ring cooling grid 1 - USB download cable 1 - Various accessories 1 - Vacuum pump

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