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PAX-I3D SMART Pan,Ceph,CBCT (Panoramic X-Ray) 3D
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One scan with a PaX-i3D Smart gives you not just a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means, patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans. Also CT and Auto Pano images are displayed within the One Viewer feature. Practical 3 in 1 System CBCT(with Auto Pano), Panoramic, Cephalometric SMART Innovation for Low Dose 1 Scan, 2 Images Low Dose and High Image Quality Function CT(with Auto Pano) + Pano + Ceph Focal Spot 0.5mm CT - FOV Size(cm) 10X8.5 / 10X7 Voxel Size 0.2mm / 0.3mm Scan Time CT 18.2sec Pano 13.6sec / 7sec [Option with Mageic PAN] Ceph Scan : 12.9sec, One-Shot: 0.7sec Gray Scale 14bit Tube Voltage/Current 50-90 kVp / 4 - 16 mA

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