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Order NSK dental manufacturer products from the official distributor on SOUQ DENTAL
Pana Spray Plus Cleaning and Lubricant 480ml
100.05 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Z182100
In Stock
Each PANA SPRAY Plus is a specially formulated, highly effective general handpiece and air motor lub..
Perio Mate PER-M4-P, for Implants, Midwest
2,693 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y1002659
In Stock
Handpiece / Powder case / Nozzle tip (40 pcs) / Maintenance kit / Perio-Mate Powder (160 g) x 1 conn..
Perio-Mate Powder 160g PK/2
368 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y900938
In Stock
2 bottles packed in a box / Each bottle contains 160 g of prophy powder..
PRESTO AQUA II, Non-Optic Air Turbine Handpiece +Water Spray
5,125 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y150023
In Stock
Contents: PRESTO AQUA II unit / PRESTO AQUA handpiece / QD-J B3 coupling / Hose for PRESTO AQUA II /..
PRESTO II, Non-Optic, Lube Free, Air Turbine Handpiece Set
2,219 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y150022
In Stock
Contents: • PRESTO II unit • PRESTO handpiece • Handpiece stand • Hose for PRESTO • Foot control (AF..
Prophy Mate NEO PMNG-M4-P Midwest
2,000 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y135034
In Stock
Contents: Handpiece with 60° nozzle head / Powder case / Replacement nozzle head 80° / 5pcs. x 15g s..
S-MAX M205 Air Motor, Non-Optic, Internal Spray
1,470 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-M1007001
In Stock
Non-Retraction Valve / Midwest 4 hole Material Stainless Max Speed 22,000 min ± 10%..
S-Max M900L Turbine Optic Handpiece (NSK Coupling Needed)
1,838 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-P1254001
In Stock
S-Max M series air turbines feature unrivalled cutting performance, a slim ergonomically designed bo..
S-Max Pico M4 Turbine, Non-Optic Handpiece Midwest
1,500 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-P1217001
In Stock
Ceramic Bearings / Clean Head System / Interchangeable Cartridge / ISB Turbine / Accessory bur set ..
S-Max Pico PTL Turbine Optic Handpiece (NSK Coupling Needed)
3,014 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-P1140001
In Stock
Cellular Glass Optics / Ceramic Bearings / Clean Head System / Interchangeable Cartridge / ISB Turbi..
S-Max SG20 Contra Angle 20:1 Handpiece for Implants
2,172 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-C101001
In Stock
20:1 reduction implant contra-angle with titanium Scratch resistant DURACOAT body. | Cellular Glass ..
Straight Micro Surgery Handpiece SGS-E2S, Non-Optic
2,871 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-H266001
In Stock
1:2 Increasing For surgical burs (ø2.35) Twist chuck Max. Speed: 80,000 min..
Straight Micro Surgery Handpiece SGS-ES, Non-Optic
2,250 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-H264001
In Stock
1:1 Direct Drive For surgical burs (ø2.35) Twist chuck Max. Speed: 40,000 min..
Student Set, Air Motor+Straight + Cobtra Angle+ Turbine Set
2,660 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-M1005002K
In Stock
The set includes: 1-Micromotor NSK FX 205 B2 (coupling borden-2 holes) External water spray - Max. ..
Surgic AP with SG20 Handpiece, Non-Optic Surgical Motor Set
8,500 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code: NS-Y1002184
In Stock
The Surgic AP foot control (FC-55) is simple to operate and conforms to IPX8 - the standard for medi..
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