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MTF NiTi, Rotary File, L21, #25

MTF NiTi, Rotary File, L21, #25 - Dental Perfect - FD-PE037
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MTF NiTi, Rotary File, L21, #25
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  • Taper: .06
  • Length: 21mm
  • Size: 25
  • Packing: 6x Rotary Files

Delivery Before  01/06/2024 Sat

Materials: Imported raw materials-dental high quality NITI raw materials. ● Silicon Stopper: Dental high quality raw materials, to confirm the position when root canal treatment. ● MTF is the multiple tapered instrument. With exclusive multiple taper design which is different from normal Endo Files. MTF make canal shaping easier, safer, faster, and more efficient. ● Taper:.06 ● Recommended rotary speed: 250-350 rmp

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