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WP Dental Products in Saudi Arabia WP Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: WP Model: WP6095
UVA-Light-curing unit (tunnel-version) for polymerization of light curing custom tray material. This unit contains a switch with two different pre-selected curing-times (120 sec. - 180 sec.). Technical data: -36 Watt = 4 x 9 Watt UVA -bulbsTimes = 120 sec.- 180 sec. Packaging: WP6002 Highlight ..
1,200.00 SR
Ex Tax:1,200.00 SR
Brand: WP Model: WP5110
Very fine spray for making contact points visible. Extra fine constant film thickness, fresh mint flavor and CFC-free. Easy to be removed. Available green and red colored.Indications: For marking the contact points at prosthetic worksTechnical data: CFC-free..
75.00 SR
Ex Tax:75.00 SR
Brand: WP Model: WP5001
  • Type: Light Cure Sheets
  • Color: Pink
  • Packing: 50x Sheets
Light curing custom tray material, based on hybridcomposite. The highly crosslinked and always same properties allow a clean and fast workout. Surplus material can be re-used for other works (e.g. modeling a grip for the preformed tray) without any problems. Plaque Photo is quickly polymerisized wit..
250.00 SR
Ex Tax:250.00 SR
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