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R&S Dental Products in Saudi Arabia R&S Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: R&S Model: 127402
  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Packing: 36x Sheets
INDICATIONS: Ensures patients’ cheeks, tongue, lips and gingivae are isolated.PROPERTIES: Green colour Provides excellent contrast within the mouth. Lightly powdered. Dimensions: 15 x 15cm.CONTENTS: Box of 36 medium green natural latex dental rubber dams..
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Brand: R&S Model: 124360
  • Packing: One Piece
Spray directly on the object you want to cool (for example impression pastes or pellets).PROPERTIES: Temperature = -45°C Peppermint flavour Non toxic Precise spraying due to extension cannulaCONTAINS: 200ml spray..
60.00 SR
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Brand: R&S Model: 210-649
  • Type: Mirror
  • Size: #4 (Ø 22 mm)
  • Packing: 12x Pieces
Surface is protected by glass on one side and nickel on the other side. The different protections make a very resistant mirror...
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Brand: R&S Model: 123375
Low viscosity Thixotropic Excellent reproduction of details Fast working and setting time in the double impression technique High hydrocompatibility => Effective even in the presence of saliva and blood transudation..
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Brand: R&S Model: 3102756
Properties:• The color contrast between the catalyst and the silicone guarantees a perfect mix of these products • The risk of error is limited, with significant time and material savings • Turbosil catalyst is not irritating and can also be used without gloves • Does not cause sensitivity of ..
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Brand: R&S Model: 123374
Very-high viscosity due to its final rigidity, Turbosil can be used individually as a tray material Turbosil flows easily to guarantee perfect cohesion of the putty to the light body and increases compatibility of the 2 viscosities..
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