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NOVA3D Dental Products in Saudi Arabia NOVA3D Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: NOVA3D Model: 3DL-GR
High flexibility Density: 1.05—1.13g/cm³ Hardness(Shore D): 60-70D Linear shrinkage: 0.80%-1.00%..
1,035.00 SR
Ex Tax:900.00 SR
Brand: NOVA3D Model: NOVA3D-M
The deal include: Printer + Washer + Drayer + 3 Bottles of liquid What does it bring to Dental Lab? The small size, simple operation, high-efficiency, software-enabled wifi transmission, remote printing control features, enable simple and effective production and management by Dental Lab What do..
27,600.00 SR
Ex Tax:24,000.00 SR
Brand: NOVA3D Model: 3DL-RM
Flexural modulus:1162.23Mpa ±10%Elongation at break:12.89% ±10%Flexural strength :52.48MPa ±10%Hardness(Shore D):85-88 DDensity:1.05—1.28 g/cm3Notched impact strength: 144 j/m ±10%maximum pulling strength: 2473N ±10%Viscosity:150-300MPa·sTensile strength:52.7 MPa ±10%Tensile modulu..
805.00 SR
Ex Tax:700.00 SR
Brand: NOVA3D Model: 3DL-CR
Flexural modulus:1.882-2.385MpaElongation at break:4-10%Flexural strength :59-70MPaHardness(Shore D):85—88DHot deformation temp.:80℃Glass transition temp.:100℃Thermal expansion:95*E-6Density:1.05—1.25g/cm3Volume shrinkage:3.72%-4.24%Notched impact strength:44-49j/mLinear shrinkag..
1,035.00 SR
Ex Tax:900.00 SR
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