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Major Dental Products in Saudi Arabia Major Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: Major Model: FD-MJ005
ORMAMAX LIGHT is a dental impression material designed for capturing detailed and precise impressions. It is a polysiloxane-based, condensation-curing material, characterized by its light consistency (light-bodied). This product is tailored for use in situations requiring meticulous detail reproduct..
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Brand: Major Model: MA-A2000
  • Set Time: Fast
  • Class: A-Grade (Precise)
  • Packing: Bag 450g
Aroma: Vanilla-Mint. Stabilized hypoallergenic formula Chromatic indication of the working phases for easy and precise results. Dust free powder for safe working and cleaning ease. High flow and easy mixing. Excellent gypsum compatibility Very high compressive strenght and recovery from deformation...
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Brand: Major Model: MA-C3000/1
  • Color: Clear
  • Use For: Base Plate
  • Packing: Liquid 500ml
Denture base Poly (methylmethacrylate)-based polymer for dental prosthesis. Heat-processed polymerFast polymerization protocol. High dimensional stability. High colour stability. Low tenor of residual monomer...
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Brand: Major Model: FD-MJ003
Activator Gel is a specialized catalyst gel designed to facilitate the condensation curing process of silicones, particularly in dental applications. It is specifically formulated for use with Ormadent Putty and Ormamax Light or Regular silicones. This gel plays a crucial role in the curing process,..
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