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dentalline Dental Products in Saudi Arabia dentalline Dental Products in Saudi Arabia

Brand: dentalline Model: 1988
  • Set Time: Normal
  • Class: B-Grade (Ortho)
  • Packing: Bag 450g
Algikrom is a dental impression material distinguished by its chromatic indicator, designed for use in dental practices. This normal-setting alginate offers several unique features and advantages that make it suitable for a variety of dental impression needs.Characteristics Chromatic Indicato..
28.00 SR
Ex Tax:28.00 SR
Brand: dentalline Model: 1986
  • Set Time: Normal
  • Class: A-Grade (Precise)
  • Packing: Bag 450g
DentAlgin, an Alginate Normal Setting impression material, is a dental product designed for taking precise dental impressions. Packaged in a 450g container, it is tailored for dental professionals who require reliable and consistent impression materials.Characteristics Dust-Free: This propert..
24.00 SR
Ex Tax:24.00 SR
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