LysFluor (Fluoride Gel), Strawberry 200ml
Brand: Lysanda
Category: Fluorides
Product Code: LysFluor-S
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Fluoride:1.23% Acidic Fluoride Phosphate
Packing:Tube 200ml

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LysFluor Fluoride Gel is a dental treatment product that contains a high concentration of fluoride to help prevent tooth decay and strengthen tooth enamel.

The gel formula allows for easy application and is suitable for use in both adults and children. In addition to fluoride, LysFluor Fluoride Gel also contains a unique blend of ingredients that help to soothe and moisturize the mouth, providing long-lasting protection against cavities and other oral health issues.

Whether you're looking to maintain healthy teeth and gums or are in need of targeted treatment for a specific dental concern, LysFluor Fluoride Gel is an excellent choice.

indicated for the prevention of cavities.

1.23% Acidic Fluoride phosphate and pigmented.

Besides being safe, its application is very practical due to its thixotropy.

Its viscosity grade keeps the gel in the tray without dripping.

Under pressure, its viscosity decreases, and the fluoride penetrates into the teeth.

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