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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Light Curing Units, you can find here and save money! Browse below.
Demi Ultra LED Ultracapacitor Curing Light System
8,690 SAR
Brand: Kerr
Code:. 35664
In Stock
10 Days Delivery
Contains: 1 handpiece, 1 8mm LED light attachment, 1 charging dock with radiometer, 1 power supply, ..
Vertex Eco Light Box
1,313 SAR
Brand: Vertex
Code:. VR-FVMAC0005
In Stock
Fast Shipping
The Vertex Eco LightBox has a detachable tray with a black out front. A simple switch can be set at ..
Highlight Easy, Lab. Light Cure
1,080 SAR
Brand: WP
Code:. WP6002
In Stock
Fast Shipping
UVA-Light-curing unit (tunnel-version) for polymerization of light curing custom tray material. This..