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BajayPack - 125699
Brand: BajayPack
Code:. 125699
In Stock
Type 6 Chemical Indicator contains 250 dual strips = 500 single strips..
Hu Friedy - IMS-1259
Brand: Hu Friedy
Code:. HUF-IMS-1259
In Stock
Printed with Cement. Strong, 3/4" (19 mm) tape contains chemical indicator that visually differentia..
Hu Friedy - IMS-1270
Brand: Hu Friedy
Code:. HUF-IMS-1270
In Stock
IMS Tape Dispenser holds up to 9 rolls of IMS Monitor Tape...
Layan - BL-SIS 200
Steam Sterilization Indicator Strip, Class 6, Pack/200..
Hu Friedy - IMS-1241
Brand: Hu Friedy
Code:. HUF-IMS-1241
In Stock
Integrators are a Type 5 chemical indicator designed to react to all critical variables in the steri..
Sterlab - 28635
134 - 4 min 121 - 15 min The reactive ink of Steripoint® is designed to change color when exposed t..
SteriStar - C-1603
Brand: SteriStar
Code:. 110004
In Stock
Class 5 Steam Integrators can be used inside each load to monitor time, temperature, and steam expos..
Euronda - 242005
Brand: Euronda
Code:. 242005
In Stock
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