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Ultradent - 112
240 SAR
Brand: Ultradent
Code:. 112
In Stock
Astringedent X hemostatic is an aqueous 12.7% iron solution that works quickly to stop difficult ble..
Ultradent - 111
195 SAR
Brand: Ultradent
Code:. 111
In Stock
Astringedent hemostatic is an aqueous, 15.5% ferric sulfate solution with a pH of ~1.0. Its well sui..
Acteon - PI-246200
350 SAR
Brand: Acteon
Code:. PI-246200
In Stock
Fast Shipping
Haemostatic dressing with mechanical action INDICATION For all cases of moderate bleeding occurring ..
FGM - 2686
40 SAR
Brand: FGM
Code:. 2686
In Stock
Fast Shipping
Aluminum chloride-based hemostatic gel at 25%. Thixotropic Colorless ..
127 SAR
Brand: ITENA
Code:. FD-IT025
In Stock
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2 syringes (0.5 g) + 6 needle tips + compression caps To use before taking an impression, the final ..
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