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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Grinders and Lathes, you can find here and save money! Browse below.
DRILL 1 .95mm For Laser Pinning Unit
DRILL 1 .95mm For Laser Pinning Unit..
Giroform Pin Drill System + Starter Kit (FREE)
Semi-automatic pin drill for fast, precise model fabrication. Laser alignment and electromagnetic, f..
Giroform Starter Kit
SAR 3,066.00
Kit contains: >Tungsten carbide bur >Impression Carrier 2x >NT Cutter >Hammer with Aluminum Handle >..
Laboratory Lathe Spindle LS200
Speed range : 0~28,000rpm· Compatible Automatic Spindle with laboratory alloy grinders· Positive hi..
Laser Pinning Unit
SAR 2,280.00
Features: Due to the laser beam the pins are placed easily quickly and safely. The bright laser beam..
Marathon-20 Center Grinder
Max speed : 3,200 rpm Grinding Plaster Model Grinding Edge part of plaster model with an upper aceta..
Marathon-20 Dust Bag
Mrathon-20 Center Grinder Dus Bag - 1Pcs..
Marathon-20 Grinding Bur
Marathon-20 Grinding Bur..
Shine Auto Polishing Machine
Features: - 5-stage power output - 15-amp high power output - Digital timer - Digital ammeter - Ther..