GC EXAFAST NDS, Fast Set, VPS, Regular, 48ml, PK/2
Brand: GC
Category: Vinyl Polysiloxane
Product Code: 137007
Availability: 30 Days Shipping
Set Time:Fast
Viscosity:Medium Body

179.19 SAR

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Minimum of 1 minute working time
Adequate amount of time to dispense material from the automix cartridge and seat impression tray without rushing

Cures after 1-1/2 minutes in the mouth
Improves dentist and staff productivity
Patient comfort is maximized without compromising accuracy, which creates less stress for patient
Distortions from patient movement are minimized

Unsurpassed dimensional stability
Less than 0.2% linear dimensional change after 24 hours
Allows the lab to pour models up to two weeks after taking impression

Patented hydrogen scavenger formula
"Non-gassing" impression can be poured immediately

Uniformly flows over moist surfaces and oral tissue to reproduce complete, accurate details
Penetrates critical, hard to reach areas
Makes it easy to pour accurate gypsum models

Thixotropic injection and a non-slumping, heavy body
Ideal consistency and flow under pressure
Easy to handle
Replicates accurate details, even in tight margins and subgingivally
Injection will stay in place on teeth until the tray is loaded and the patient occludes
The heavy body remains in place while loading both sides of the dual arch trays
The heavy body stabilizes the tray, preventing distortion and rebound
The heavy body has great compression, which pushes the injection material into the sulcus

No taste or odor

Stable in cold, disinfectant solutions
Can be easily disinfected by immersion in a glutaraldehyde or spraying with a hard surface disinfectant; rinse impression thoroughly before and after disinfection

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